Ehsan Ul Haq
Ehsan  is a young Entrepreneur, currently living in Darya Khan Dist.Bhakkar, Pakistan. He is a certified SEO Consultant, Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer.

Smart Earning MethodsIn January 2012 Ehsan Launched his second blog on Smart Earning Methods which is now serving tons of quality articles daily to a much broader audience.     MTF is now listed amongst Top5 Google Blog Publishers and has Alhamdulillah a loyal readership of over 22,000 regular readers.
Ehsan started blogging in August 2011 just after completing his GCE A Level. After a US visa disqualification for higher studies, he started writing blogs to get rid of  the growing depression and thereafter his life changed dramatically. He started taking interest in tweaking Blogger Templates by thoroughly reading articles online. His thirst for learning and understanding latest web technologies like HTML4, CSS3, php and JavaScript equipped him with an excellent art of web designing. He is now a web designer by all rights without having taken any professional training.
The purpose of publishing MTF BLOG was to provide high quality Blogging tips, web designing tutorials, practical SEO tips and Online earning methods. Each post is published with a hope so that every blogger may learn the core basics to establish himself as a skilled entrepreneur, act as a rich resource to the online community and make a happy living online.
Ehsan's advice to new Bloggers:
new Bloggers
When you intend to do something innovative in life, people will tell you that you can not do it but when you prove that you can, the same person would ask you: How you did it? So don't give up and keep blogging humbly.
Blogging requires a little hard work but a lot of patience. It lets you to communicate with a multicultural online world of  2 Billion people, each of them is eager to find out, what have you got to share. So respect this opportunity and work hard with sincerity. Give more value to Quality content, respect Copyrights, your Readers and hate Blogging for money alone. I am blogging since two years but I still feel like a newbie and this is what that keeps me pushing to do more.
Please remember to be thankful to GOD Almighty for gifting you with the ability to read and write. Everyone of you is a born genius, you just need to recognize your God gifted potentials. Wishing you all a happing Blogging career. Stay blessed and be happy always. Peace and blessings be upon you all. 
Ehsan ul Haq Paracha