Cyberlink YouCam
 Cyberlink YouCam
All the Fun you can have with Webcams
   * Capture webcam videos with tons of effects
   * Enhance your chats and recordings with TrueTheater™ Technology
   * Free Download unlimited FREE effects from DirectorZone
   * Interact with Augmented Reality effects to amaze your friends
   * Create lifelike Avatars for your video chats
   * Play and interact with new particle effects


Better Images with TrueTheater™

TrueTheater™ technology and support for HD let you create and record high quality webcam videos and image snapshots. Apply the best lighting for conditions and clean up your webcam image at the click of a button.

New Interactive Screen Effects

Rose petals, confetti, snowflakes – don't just let them fall on you - interact with them! New particle effects with image detection collect on edges and wait for you to brush them away with a wave of your hand.

Amazing Augmented Reality 

One of the most exciting new technologies around – webcam Augmented Reality effects let you interact with virtual 3D-objects right in your video preview window. Showcase your photos in a way you never did before.

Webcam Avatar...Your Way

See yourself with new eyes. With YouCam webcam software you now have even more choices to create the doppelg√§nger that’s right for you, then sit back and watch advanced facial tracking technology accurately map your facial expressions.         
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