Camtasia Studio 7
Camtasia Studio 7 New Library lets you store content that is drag-and-drop easy to use. You can use the library to save images, audio files, video, and callouts for future use and then just drag and drop them into any project. You can also right click from your timeline to add to your library and it is just as easy to share your library with others as well.New Callouts give you the ability to add text in ready-made shapes like arrows, speech bubbles, and more to communicate information to the viewer. You can customize your callout with new fill and border colors, and even rotate the callout a full 360 degrees on the screen.Sketch motion feature gives you the ability to make it look like you are drawing on the screen in real time.
So, say you want to point something out to the user of your video; all you have to do is just drop this on your timeline and stretch it to fit the duration. This gives you the ability to, for example, draw a circle around a specific point on the screen that you want to emphasize.
Keystroke Callouts lets you show your viewers exactly what keystrokes you used in your video and when they were used. From the callouts menu, you click on the traditional keystrokes and it can show the keystrokes that you are using at that point or you can specify what keystrokes you want the video to display. As with all callouts, you can change the style and how the callouts looks on screen.

Cursor effects will give you more flexibility and more eye catching visuals that you can use in your video. You can highlight your cursor, put a spotlight on it, use sound effects, make it larger, make a ripple ring, or warp effect so that each time you click the viewer will know exactly where the cursor is on the screen. These can be applied to the entire timeline or to specific frames within your timeline to emphasize a specific point.

Audio enhancements allow you to be in full control of what your viewers hear. At any point throughout the timeline you can fade the sound, increase the sound, fade it out, or silence it altogether.

Copy and paste right on the timeline gives you the ability to perfect a specific portion of your video and then copy that portion to another point on the time line and paste it in complete. You can also take that portion and, instead of copying it, save it to the library for use in another video or to share with others.

YouTube integration is as easy as going to the "Produce and Share" tab to post it to YouTube. After you login to your user account — this can be saved for future logins — you can produce and upload your video from within Camtasia Studio. You can share it with the world or keep it private. You also have the ability to designate options such as what categories to post it in.

Improved SmartFocus technology will provide a noticeable increase in accuracy so you will spend less time editing while being able to deliver clear video content for playback on nearly any screen size.
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