CyberLink YouCam
CyberLink YouCam 4 Fun you can have with WebcamsCapture webcam videos with tons of effects Enhance your chats and recordings with TrueTheater™ TechnologyDownload unlimited FREE effects from DirectorZoneInteract with Augmented Reality effects to amaze your friendsCreate lifelike Avatars for your video chatsPlay and interact with new particle effects
Amazing Augmented Reality NEW
A synthesis of the real world and the virtual, Augmented Reality is the hottest technology around since it began appearing in Hollywood movies like Iron Man II. This new technology enables you to enhance reality with virtual computer-generated imagery.
Interaction with 3D Objects NEW
YouCam 4 can magically conjure virtual objects on your hand, or body in real time. Print out a marker then let the advanced pattern recognition technology do its work, interacting with whichever 3D object you've selected and integrating it into the webcam video window.
Just hold the pattern marker in front of the camera and it will be replaced by a 3D object in the right perspective and the appropriate size. You have to try it to believe it!

Spice Up Your Videos
Choose from a variety of objects that can magically appear in the palm of your hand. A snow ball, a carousel, or a bunch of flowers. Amaze your friends with a completely new way to liven up your webcam chats and move your online communication to a new level.

Download FREE 3D Objects from DirectorZone
Broaden your choices by downloading additional 3D objects to use with YouCam 4's Augmented Reality feature from DirectorZone - CyberLink’s growing online community.

Avatar...Your Way NEW
Can't find an avatar to fit your personality or mood? With YouCam 4 this is no longer a problem. The new avatar creation feature lets you put together fun creations to express yourself using a wide variety of facial and accessory components.

Create your own Avatar NEW
Want to create a personalized avatar? Now you have even more ways to create the new you for video chats. With YouCam’s graphic components you can create avatars that resemble your friends, family and … of course yourself. Choose from a wide range of accessories to decorate your very own avatar. Mix and match – with YouCam 4 the possibilities are endless.

Built-in Avatars IMPROVED
And if you prefer not to create your own avatar, or if you're just looking for inspiration, check out YouCam 4's ready-made avatars. Go extraterrestrial, merry and jolly, war monger or fuzzy and cute. With YouCam's facial tracking technology, express yourself and watch as your cyberspace twin does the same! Nod vigorously, shake your head side-to-side, or raise your eyebrows in delight.
Download FREE Avatar Components from DirectorZone
Download additional avatar components from DirectorZone to use with YouCam 4's avatar creation feature or even complete avatars that have been created and uploaded by other users.

Express Yourself with Effects, Gadgets, Scenes and More!
With more and more people communicating online via webcam, here's your chance to stand out from the crowd and have a little fun. Using YouCam, your friends, family and even strangers can share in the laughter generated from the scores of zany gadgets, emotion stamps, cool scene effects, new avatars, special recording themes, and limitless effects found at DirectorZone.

New facial tracking technology makes many of the new features possible. Click to learn more about YouCam's

Emotional Stamping & Stomping
Take control over your online emotions when chatting and recording live. More than a random display of feelings, make a mark and stamp YouCam 4's emotional effects on any part of the screen.

Video Recording Themes
Record video cards for birthdays and other events. Automatically create a themed-video with YouCam to commemorate a special occasion online. Once that day arrives, email, upload to Facebook or publish on YouTube.

•Frame Effects: Just like a photo frame, these effects embellish your photos or videos. Choose a style to match your style of conversation.

•Filter Effects: Change the tone of the conversation and your mug by using popular TV-like effects.

•Distortion Effects: Warp online reality using YouCam's mesmerizing range of 11 distortion effects. Better than funhouse mirrors ever were.
•Touch Enabled: Now you can use YouCam’s support for touch-sensitivity to move a distortional effect around on the screen just with the tip of your finger.

Tens of Thousands of effects at DirectorZone MORE
Featuring uploaded content from thousands of creative users, find lots of new emotion objects and frames for your videos daily at DirectorZone. You can also upload your own Avatar creations or download those provided by other DirectorZone users.

Sharing via Facebook, YouTube & DirectorZone
Once you're done creating and recording your unique YouCam video, there are a number of ways for you to simply and quickly share it with others.

Upload Videos & Photos Directly to Facebook
Available in YouCam 4, directly share videos and photos with family or friends thousands of miles away on Facebook, one of the world's fastest growing social network sites. Simply record with abandon and snap away. Upload when you're done.

Post Widescreen Videos on YouTube
Get ready to broadcast yourself with a new array of publishing options on YouTube, the world's most popular video sharing site. You can upload videos using traditional standard/letterbox (4:3) size or using new widescreen (16:9) sizes depending on your recording device.

Showcase Your Videos on
With thousands of effects available for you to download for free from, you can show how you use them by posting your videos to too. YouCam lets you automatically post to as part of the process of uploading videos to YouTube.

Sharper, More True-to-Life Results
Tired of those grainy, out-of-focus looking webcam videos? YouCam 4 makes that a thing of the past with a suite of new technologies that clean up your webcam's image quality at the click of a button.

TrueTheater™ Enhancements NEW
CyberLink’s highly advanced TrueTheater™ Technology is now also available for YouCam. Now you can play center stage while TrueTheater puts you in the right light. Just click on the TrueTheater activation button and new video enhancement possibilities will open up for you. Auto-adjust the lighting and sharpness with TrueTheater™ Lighting and TrueTheater™ Denoise; use the slider to apply the level of noise reduction, contrast, brightness and image enhancement you prefer.

Learn more about TrueTheater Technology

Facial Tracking Technology
Grin like a Cheshire cat. Nod in approval. Bob your head from side-to-side. YouCam's sophisticated facial tracking technology locates your face accurately for applying headgear gadgets, avatars and cool effects.

And when you're ready to go live, no need for a complicated studio setup nor a grouchy cameraman. With facial tracking technology, YouCam hones in on the star of the show automatically—You! Every head movement will be recognized and tracked with auto zooming, regardless of you switching positions.

•Auto zooming: Automatically identifies your face and zooms in/out (max. 4x) depending on your location in the shot
•Automatic lighting correction: When recording conditions aren't optimal, utilize YouCam's automatic correction for poor lighting. Camera! Action!
Other Recording Tools
•Scheduled recording: For recording at a later time, try YouCam's scheduled recording. Just position your webcam correctly, adjust light accordingly, and let YouCam do the rest. You may also set time-lapse recording at regular intervals.
•Recording sound: Add audio to your recordings. Before capturing audio, set your audio capture resolution and quality.
Record with HD Webcams
YouCam supports all the major HD webcams on the market today at 1280 x 800 resolution and above.

•Improved image quality: Create better recorded videos and photo snapshots
•Refined facial tracking technology: HD webcams allow for better tracking and recognition of facial reactions.
•Mirror Mode in HD: You'll experience a significant enhancement in Mirror Mode before your live presentation.

Get Down to Business
YouCam 4 and your webcam aren't just about fun, they also offer a great suite of tools to let you share files, deliver live presentations and even increase your productivity.

Share Your Ideas More Clearly
Use your instant messenger software to make live presentations and share PowerPoint (PPT) files easily. While messaging online, you can communicate ideas with real-time sharing of photos, presentation files (PPT), and live PC desktop video capturing, for assisting your audience with step-by-step procedures.

More Live Presentation Tools
•Brush and Stamp Tools Library: For emphasizing special points, mark directly on live video, photos or presentation files. This way you can highlight and write as you go without affecting the recording or your presentation.
•Color Boards: Alter background color by inserting any of the 32 color boards for mimicking a start screen, jotting down points orfreehand drawing.
•Mirror Mode: Before starting a live presentation, YouCam's Mirror Mode is a convenient way to check your appearance before the recording begins.
Desktop Capture Mode
Create easy-to-follow demos for illustrating software operation or step-by-step tutorials with YouCam's desktop capture mode.

Webcam Surveillance
And if security is a concern, either at work or at home, you can use your webcam and YouCam 4's built-in surveillance features to keep an eye on what's going on. Settings allow you to automatically activate recording when any kind of motion is detected, YouCam will begin to record video and that video will be promptly emailed to you.

Easy, Intuitive Hands-on Webcamming
Multi-Touch Interaction
Supporting the latest touch-enabled hardware and Windows 7 touch features, YouCam's new interface design supports multi-touch interaction enabling online activity to feel more intimate. Get in touch with your emotions as you work with features and effects directly on the screen. With YouCam's larger-than-life effects, you'll never be at a loss for words (or emotions) again.

•Jot down notes and draw directly during a live presentation
•Apply effects directly via touch
•Stamp emotion stamps on any area of the screen
•Move distortion effects with your finger

System Requirements:

Operating System
•Windows 7, Vista and XP (with DirectX 9 or above)
Internet Connection
•An internet connection is required for live chatting and upload/download features
•Intel Pentium D 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3200+ or above
Capture Device
•Web camera (built-in or external USB)
•512 MB (1 GB recommended)
Hard Disk Space
•1 GB
VGA Card
•Intel 945 (Independent graphics card recommended)
Supported Instant Messaging Software
•Windows Live Messenger
•Yahoo Messenger
•AOL Instant Messenger
Formats supported
•Video: WMV and AVI
•Photo: JPEG, BMP, PNG
Language Support
•English, French, German, Italian, Spanish (European), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean



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