Editra Win
Editra is a program making a multiplatform text editor which is very easy to use in the manufacture of coding an implementation aplikasi.dengan program that focuses on creating an easy to use interface and features that aid in code development. Currently supports the syntax and many other useful features that more than 60 languages ​​is a free open-sourch pemrograman.Editra aka gratis.wxWindows Lisensi.yang available for download for Windows and Mac OSX (Universal) binaries, currently other Unix-based systems Linux should install from source using the included setup script. Please try it.
Editra Win


  • Auto-Completion/Calltips (Python, Html, XML)
  • Auto-Indent
  • Bidirectional Find / Replace Expression Support w \ Regular
  • Block (Un) Commenting
  • Block (Un) indent
  • Bracket Highlighting
  • Builtin Plugin Downloader / Installer
  • Clipboard Support (Copy / Paste / ect ...)
  • Code Folding
  • Column Edit Mode
  • Command Mode
  • Customizable dockable interface
  • Drag and Drop (tabs / open file / text)
  • Export to HTML / LaTeX / RTF
     Password : s4ndmotion

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