EssentialPIM Pro Network

EssentialPIM Pro Network - is the perfect solution if you want a more efficient allocation of tasks and significantly improve information sharing within the group. The network version combines all the features EssentialPIM Pro with the ability to work in local and Internet networks. In factit allows you to create a flexible solution to exchange tasksdeedsnotes and contacts and joint work on them within the team.

EssentialPIM Pro Network

    Features include:  

    - Deploy and configure in 10 minutes. 
    - Simultaneous operation of an unlimited number of users from one database (for each user requires a separate license). 
    - Each user can be assigned its rights to change data. 
    - Private (individual) and public data. 
    - Ability to work while away (without connecting to a server) and connect to the server (locally or via the Internet) to synchronize data. 
    - Ability to connect to the server via the Internet (requires a good channel). 
    - No need to buy a separate server (EPIM server can be run on any Windows / Linux / Mac OS computer.) - Full support for packet synchronization.

    Download Links:

    • Download EssentialPIM Pro Network Free Full Version


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