Internet Browser Safari

Internet Browser Safari is Apple which allows the output to the virtual world surfing buddies with high speed, because safari has the most innovative web standards, and very easy to access with Greater Support HTML5 allows developers to create interactive content and media experience in working directly browser without the intervention of third parties.

Internet Browser Safari

Safari Browser Features-Features:

  • Featuring the most visited sites, browser safari display Thumbnails of the sites most often visited by this browser. For a feature that is likely to be similar to features that are owned by Google Chrome.
  • Cover Feature Flower displays a visual display that is interesting to check the site history (the site has been visited) and the sites were dibookmark.
  • Buddy to find the sites you've visited before with the text or image or image search. Safari browser to keep everything in History. The search results will be displayed in Cover Flow format.
  • Apple kept the look and style of the Windows version of this browser. So that Windows users would be easy to put on this browser.
  • Address bar is a feature that gave the recommendation of the browsing history, as well as the search box.
  • Safari browser has a protection against Phishing and Malware that will make the user feel secure when surfing in cyberspace.
  • Safari is a browser that users should be tried for both indvidual and the office.

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