Microsoft Expression Studio
Microsoft Expression Studio 3 - new version of a series of products for user interface design, web development, manufacture Blend processing.Expression vector graphics and video - is a designer interface tool WPF and Silverlight technologies. The imagination of the designer is no longer limited to: each interface element, whether it's a simple button or a complicated table, prone to change very easily. Blend allows you to work with three-dimensional animation and graphics. Through integration with Visual Studio, developers and designers can work simultaneously on the same project.Expression Web will help designers and application developers in HTML, AJAX, PHP and ASP.NET. Starting with the model developed in Expression Design, Expression Web will bring to the site late. Particularly interesting features of imported Photoshop image files, no need to open Photoshop and cut button icons, images, backgrounds and other design elements - are applied in Expression Web.
Add to site Flash, Silverlight, or any other ActiveX components, tests on your computer and placed on the server with FTP - all these issues are easily solved by using Expression Web.
Microsoft Expression Studio

Expression Design has a variety of vector and raster tools, import files, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop can take advantage of their operating time. Slice Support help you to quickly export any part of the composition of one of the formats of the most popular image file (PNG,. JPEG,. PSD,. GIF,. TIFF,. BMP,. WDP,. PDF) application developers, and WPF and Silverlight will be able to export directly interface in XAML.

Expression Encoder - a real find for fans of the video, allowing only a few minutes to place video clips on the Internet, user-friendly pre-editing tools. You no longer need to worry about developing their own players, Expression Encoder will automatically generate all the necessary pages XHTML code, which only needs to lay out on the Internet to view the community. Expression Encoder also can record the usefulness and supports IIS Smooth Streaming.


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