USB Disk Security
USB Disk Security This is one of the tools that I often use to protect autorun from USB drives like flash, Hdd Storage Portable or anything that uses USB port as the media transfer (3rd protection after Aviken and NOD32 antivirus. After you install this tool will no confirmation whether the you will disable autorun from a USB drive that is detected when connected to a computer. Click OK and USB disk security will be activated immediately.

The advantage of these tools are:
  • USBShield will monitor (realtime protector like those of PCMAV RTP), from files or programs that are considered harmful to your computer system
  • USBScan uses heuristic analyzer (Checking a file or a new or unknown programs that may threaten the security of your system).
USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security is a specialized software for virus scanning in the USB and monitoring our computers when offline. USB Disk Security provides 100% protection to the USB Flashdisc and offline computer against threats via USB drive. While hardly any other software that can provide up to 90% guarantee of protection, USB Disc Security USB guarantee the security protection Flashdiscj and Computer offline to 100%.
USB Disk Security will completely protect your computer offline. USB Disk Security is very smart and did not need a regularly updated and your computer does not have online, because USB Disk Security has the intelligence heuristics to determine where the virus and which are not. USB Disk Security can detect the virus - the latest viruses without you having trouble - trouble is updated every day.
USB Disk Security is a light, fast and does not impose on your computer performance. Get maximum security for USB flash and your offline computer from virus attacks with USB Disk Security

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