Website packer
Website Packer v1.1.116 Portable version is run without installation, the download function to view the entire site offline or put into a CHM ebook.Download is complete, you activate the file for immediate use, then just make a few easy steps below:
File> choose New (or keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + N). Enter the URL path to the cell site to download. If the site requires a login account (usually the forum), you continue to enter the User ID and Password 2 cells to your account at that site. Switch to the Link card, you choose the level of the site permission to download. Click All levels to get from A to Z or select Levels, then enter the number of web pages will load level.
In the Filters tab, select the Download all files to upload all the files from the links in your site.
Or uncheck all files in the Download section, then check the file types to download below. If you want to add new file types, then click Add> enter the type of file and the information it> OK.

Website packer
Selections you select OK, then choose where to save the file to your website packed> Save. Back to the main interface, click the Start button and wait for this download. Program loaded, you can click on the Create CHM to create a site in CHM format.

So, simply paste your favorite website links, tell the program to work is you will have a web page for offline viewing anytime. That's it, since you can now surf the web impartial downloaded without internet access.

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