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How to Add Patza Donate to Your Blogger, Many times I have read about a alertpay donate button. you know those button where the  users can donate small amount 2 the site. But finding 1 is really tough. Paypal™ has a donate button, but you can donate only if you have a Paypal™ account. But everyone doesn't has a Paypal™ account.
So the other option is 2 allow people to use their credit-cards to donate. But to enable this feature you have to pay an excess of 20-25%. Now that is a real rip off.
Another option is Alertpay™, they allow credit-card transaction 4 free after a simple site verification. But the problem is they don't have a ready made donate button. So the option is to use a buy button as a donate button.
But now the problem is that the amount 4 a buy button is fixed (as you don't want the user to decide the amount for a purchase), but in case of a donation the user wishes to select the amount to donate.
Now I searched the net 4 sometime & finally found a code which allows the user to change the amount to donate as per their wish. But it had some problem, just a glitch as you can add any text in the text box. Now that  is silly as no one would enter alphabet in that text box but Y take the risk so I found a script & modified the Code so that only positive integers can B entered in the text box.
So here is the code:
<!– Code written by someone else but the whole thing is made by Tanmay Das –>
<script language="JavaScript">
function checkIt(evt) {
    evt = (evt) ? evt : window.event
    var charCode = (evt.which) ? evt.which : evt.keyCode
    if (charCode > 31 && (charCode < 48 || charCode > 57)) {
        status = "This field accepts numbers only."
        return false
    status = ""
    return true
Enter Donation Amount:
<form method="post" action="">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_purchasetype" value="item-goods">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_merchant" value="">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_itemname" value="Donate">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_returnurl" value="Thank you page">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_quantity" value="1">
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_description" value="Your each penny will keep us to continue">
     <input type="text" name="ap_amount" value="" onKeyPress="return checkIt(event)">
<select name="ap_currency">
<option value="AUD">AUD</option>
<option value="BGN">BGN</option>
<option value="CAD">CAD</option>
<option value="CHF">CHF</option>
<option value="CZK">CZK</option>
<option value="DKK">DKK</option>
<option value="EEK">EEK</option>
<option value="EUR">EUR</option>
<option value="GBP">GBP</option>
<option value="HKD">HKD</option>
<option value="HUF">HUF</option>
<option value="LTL">LTL</option>
<option value="MYR">MYR</option>
<option value="NOK">NOK</option>
<option value="NZD">NZD</option>
<option value="PLN">PLN</option>
<option value="RON">RON</option>
<option value="SEK">SEK</option>
<option value="SGD">SGD</option>
<option value="USD" selected="selected">USD</option>
<option value="ZAR">ZAR</option>
     <input type="hidden" name="ap_cancelurl" value="your cancelation url">
     <input type="image" name="ap_image" src="">
Update: You have to change all the things that are bold and red colored. However you can download a beautiful donate button Here


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