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How to increase website traffic for free. It only includes all the possible ways on how to promote and increase website traffic for free and not with payment. It covers the topic on how to improve page rank and how to promote website for free
Website traffic refers to the flow of visitors visiting a website. If a website’s purpose is to make money online then traffic is very important. Although you can pay to instantly push traffic to your website, but then it will always be better to have traffic for free.
Now here is how to increase your website’s traffic for free.
1. Build a website that has UNIQUE CONTENTS. When building a website, it is important to consider that the contents of the website are UNIQUE. Although there might be some similar websites, just make it sure that the contents of your website is not “copy-pasted” from other online websites.
Note: A website whose contents are copy-pasted from other website can cause trouble. Search engines are checking each web page and comparing it to other pages.
If search engines see similar content from your website, they will not INDEX this site. Not “indexed sites” means, theses sites are not visible to the search engine. 
2. Submit your website to search engines. Search engines are the major sources of free traffic, so it is best to let those search engines know that your website does exist. Although website doesn’t necessarily need to be submitted to search engines since search engines do search for new websites, but then it will take time for those search engines to find and enlist new websites. So it is much better to do it yourself and introduce your new website, than wait for those search engines to enlist your website (wherein most of the time, takes too long).
Note: Submitting a website to search engines doesn’t guarantee that a site will always appear on search results. Search Engines are still ranking websites, and the highly ranked websites are frequently searched and placed in the first pages of search results. Submitting a website to search engines is just an initial step to allow search engines to search or “crawl” you website.
3. Improve your websites Page Rank (PR). This is the trickiest and yet the most important way of increasing traffic of your website. As mention above, search engines are the major sources of traffic, so it is important that your website should appear on search results. And to make this happen you need to improve the Page Rank (PR) of your website.
Note: Basically, website’s Page rank is based on websites SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines have different SEO and this means they have different ways of ranking pages. But then these differences are very minimal and they are still more alike than different. Although there are lots of factors to consider when improving your websites Page Rank, but the most important factor of all are “back links”. To learn more about “back links” you can read this article, “How to Create Back Links and Improve Websites Page Rank”.
4. Promote your website in other websites. There are lots of websites online where you can promote your website for free. By putting your websites links on other sites, you are also improving your website’s Page Rank.
Note: It is always much better to promote your website on other websites that have similar interests and contents. Avoid spamming, since there are search engines like Google who accepts spam reports and bans websites that are reported spam. Promote or put your web site’s link (back link) on websites that already have a high PR rate. This will help improve your website’s PR rate as well.
"Promoting your website on other websites (also known as putting back links) is not an easy task. It may be free, but it needs lots of hard work and patience."
Here are some tips on how to promote your website on other websites (or how to put back links on other websites):
1. Promote on social networking sites. Use Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other known social networking sites to promote your website. The best way to promote your website first is to the people who knows you personally and Social networking sites are effective tool s for that. Also increase your network on those social networking sites (by adding friends and followers) to even wider the scope of your promotion.
Note: Although social networking sites are excellent websites on placing back links, some like Facebook do minimal effect on improving your websites PR. Search engines don’t usually crawls (or search) on “wall” or “dashboards” of those social networking sites since they are huge to crawl. At the same time, placing your back links on your profile or home page is not always visible to search engines because it is in the secure pages that need to “log-in” first before they are seen.
2. Promote your website on forums sites. Forums are also an excellent websites to place your website back links. Information on forums are available to anyone even they are not “log-in”, so this means search engines can crawl on the contents of this websites. Most forums are also allowing members to included HTML codes on their posts so this gives them opportunity to promote and put their websites back links. At the same time, some forums also allow members to put their signature where they can place their back links. This signature that contains their websites back link will always appear on every post they made in the forum.
Note: There are forums that are very strict in putting links and using signature. Read the forums terms and policies first before placing your back links.
3. Promote your website on other websites through comments. There are websites that are offering visitors or members to put their comments. If you are lucky enough, there are even websites that allow HTML codes or links on their comments.
Note: Avoid spamming. Try to relate your comments on the topic or content of the site.
4. Suggest link exchange on your website. There are also some other website’s owners who are looking for other websites to put their links, so why not have a page in your site where you can exchange links with other websites.
Note: Try to screen those websites whom you’ll be exchanging links with. Don’t exchange links with a competing websites. Consider the websites that are similar to your website but yet not a competitor.
5. Build something worth to your visitors. When a visitor saw something that is useful in your website they will most likely to share it with others and keep on coming back to your site. Just take for example, Facebook where visitors can see other people’s pictures and videos; chat, play online games and others.
Note: You don’t need to build a Facebook like website, you can still offer small things but still visitors of your site can find it worthy, like daily important information (lotto results, forex rates, weather and other helpful information)
6. Promote by writing articles. Article writing is one of the best ways to promote your site. Write an article about a topic similar to your site and of course, put your website links in there. The published these articles on websites that already have high PR rate making your article more visible to search engines, at the same time improve your website PR rate as well.
7. Promote your websites on free classified ad sites. There are lots of websites that offers free to promote ads like craigslist,, inetgiant, freeadvertisingforum, and gumtree.
8. Always update your website. Idle websites are decreasing their Page Ranks, so update your website always to maintain that PR rate that you work very hard to attain.
Finally, don’t get too excited to see huge traffic will immediately flow to your website. Again, patience and hard work is really the key in here. Just don’t spam other websites because it might even decrease the visitors of your site instead of increasing it.


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