Flicky PC Game
Flicky, the little blue bird that has a soft spot for Chicks wants to help them get to the exit. But the cats and lizards stand in their way!. You play the role of Flicky the bluebird, trying to rescue the Chirps from the clutches of Tigger the cat and Iggy the lizard. You'll have to run, jump, and fly through all kinds of unique mazes, collecting Chirps and fending off your enemies in the process. You may not have any hands, but you can still fling objects like flowerpots, apples, and teacups at Tigger and Iggy to slow them down. The more Chirps you're able to deliver home safely, the higher your score. So dust off your wings and get ready for a flight…er, fight, of epic proportions with FLICKY.
Flicky involves you trapped in an apartment, filled with a number of lost baby chicks. Using your wits, speed, and cunning you’ll have to avoid enemies in order to stay alive.
You can get chicks to follow you by walking into them. You’ll then have to take them to the elevator at the bottom of the level. You’ll have to collect all of the chicks in order to complete the stage and avoid oncoming enemies (the aforementioned tigers and wall scaling iguanas).
You can get a high score by collecting a large number of chicks and rescuing them at the same time.
This can be very frustrating to do though, as one hit by a bad guy will mean instant death and if they hit a chick it will cause your little entourage to fall apart, forcing you to collect them all again which can be a bit frustrating at times. There are only two bad guys in the game and they are very annoying as they can just touch you to kill you and you barely have any defense against them. To defeat them you’ll have to find objects such as speakerphones and throw them at baddies. A bonus stage awaits you after successful completion of a level where you will have catch chicks that the cats will catapult at you.

Flicky Game Features

  • You're Flicky the Bluebird
  • You're up against Tigger the cat and Iggy the lizard
  • Fling items at your enemies to slow them down
  • Work your way through the mazes collecting Chirps
  • Save the Chirps by getting them to the door

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