Earn money using Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is one of the best paying advertising networks in market today.It can be used along with Google Adsense on same web page.Bidvertiser provides many ways of monetizing your website.One of the most important and easiest way of making money is using Bidvertiser toolbar.
The beauty is you can customize the toolbar.You can use your logo on the toolbar.This will give impression that the toolbar belongs to your website.Now you will get paid if someone downloads the toolbar and uses it for search.You can also download it and use it for search.The toolbar installs on Firefox,Internet explorer and Chrome.The toolbar has Facebook and twitter button and also Google Search button.The toolbar can be promoted on your own website or blog.You can also use it in your mails to your website users as well.
To get started with Toolbar follow below steps
  • Signup for a publisher Bidvertiser account if you don’t have one.
  • After signup go to Manage Toolbar tab of your Bidvertiser account.
  • Under Manage Toolbar tab you will see create Add toolbar option.
  • Create your toolbar.
  • Get the code of your toolbar and promote it on your website and website mails.
  • You can also download the toolbar.
Bidvertiser toolbar is very good method of earning money with little or no effort.Udinra is using Bidvertiser toolbar for quite sometime with good return.Udinra toolbar


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