Ghajini The Game
GameGhajini The Game is a Third Person Action game, which will provide a fantastic opportunity to All Ghajini fans to experience the movie through this exciting game. The game features recreated movie locations and scenes in the 3D world so as to provide the gamers with the actual movie sets to make the game playing experience as authentic and adventures as the movie. The players get a first hand experience of the main protagonist and character Sanjay (played by Aamir Khan) and experience the challenges and trails faced by him. Ghajini The Game India’s first three dimensional (3D) game. Ghajini The game is created on the scenario of the Indian film Ghajini, popular in India. Computer games based on Hollywood films, perhaps nobody will be surprised, but the game based on the Bollywood film nobody has ever seen.
Studio FX Labs has decided to correct this misunderstanding and announced the game Ghajini The game is created on the same film and tells the story of a businessman,
Whose memory is able to reproduce only the final 15 minutes, but he must not only remember who he was and what happened to him, but manage to find the enemy and revenge. A toy for the fans to run in the style of Max Payne (more precisely, toy lapped up with Max Payne until predurovnevyh savers, comics).

System Requirements: 

System= Pentium 4 , 2.0 GHz
Video Memory= 128MB
Size= 310 MB 


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Click on "Ghajini" Icon and Play Game
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