Melty Blood Act Cadenza pc Game-CoverMelty Blood Act Cadenza was the first arcade port of the series and was published by Ecole Software. The visual novel was removed, but the Arcade Mode dialogue featured in Re ACT returns. It completely revamped Aoko Aozaki's movelist for use as a playable character, and introduced Kouma Kishima into the series, a man who was deeply involved in Shiki Tohno's past. It also introduced the Shielding mechanic (separate from EX-Shielding), as well as included various changes to the properties of characters. This version (as well as the later released Ver. A) can be identified by the Atlasia crest, and the phrase "Through the Looking Glass, Black Light transparently", both present in the logo.
Melty Blood Act Cadenza, released for the PlayStation 2 and PC,
was unique as a port in that it included an option to revert to Version A mechanics, yet introduced significant changes that were later included in ver.B, including an early version of Neco Arc Chaos as a hidden character. It is sometimes known as Ver. A2.
Melty Blood Act Cadenza PC Game_Screenshot-1

Melty Blood Act Cadenza PC Game_Screenshot-2

Melty Blood Act Cadenza PC Game_Screenshot-3

System Requirements:

 System= Pentium 3 550 MHz
 RAM= 128MB
 Video Memory= 32MB Size= 402MB

 Minimum System Requirements: 

System: Pentium 3 550 MHz 
Size: 402MB
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista 
Processor: Pentium III @ 500 MHz  
Memory: 128 MB RAM 
Hard Drive: 500 MB Free 
Video Memory: 32 MB 
Video Card: Any video graphic card with Direct3D support 
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible 
DirectX: 9.0c


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