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Test Drive OffRoad 2 is a 1998 cross platform racing game. It is the second entry in the Test Drive OffRoad series of video games. Test Drive OffRoad 2 winds up being a better playing racing game than Test Drive 5. Rated the Game 6.1 "It's a empty feeling no matter how much air you catch or how many times the rad commentator says "Awesome!" or "Sweeeet!". Ready for high-flying off-road action in a huge assortment of the world's most rugged trucks and SUVs? Wanna get your groove on with intense pedal-stomping, fender-bending vehicular mayhem? Dying to check out exotic and dangerous courses all over the world? You are? Really? Cool. 
Now all you've gotta do is wait for a game that delivers all that stuff - because Test Drive: Off-Road 2 sure doesn't. In all fairness, off-roading might not be the ideal sport to try to base a game around - or at least not in the hyperfrantic over-the-top style Accolade chose for Off-Road 2.
Most of your time is spent with the accelerator smashed to the floor as you bounce all over the track, brushing up against invisible walls and careening back onto the course. Yeah, you get to ram other trucks and jeeps. But even if extreme off-roading would make for a great game, Test Drive: Off-Road 2 comes up short in so many different areas that it wouldn't matter anyway. There's a total of 12 tracks, but it's really six times two - running a course backward is counted as a separate track. Only four of those can be raced until you place high enough in competition, but when you do that, the first new track that's revealed is - you guessed - one of those four in reverse.
Toss in some high weirdness with the frame rate - it's either really choppy or the graphics just make it seem that way - and engine sound effects that sound like Keith Emerson's first attempt at playing a Moog, and you've basically got nothing worth watching here unless you want to admire the digitized 2D images of lifeguards or Arabs on camels. Topping it all off is one of the laziest interface designs I've had the displeasure of dealing with in a long time. Want a first-person perspective? Fine - you don't get a hood, wheel, or speedometer, just a ground-level view of those dubious terrain graphics.
I know, you want to check out the instant replay and savor some of those killer jumps you made in the last race - but you're out of luck again because there's absolutely no instant replay whatsoever. muhammadniaz.net And a word of warning to you fans of hard core metal and industrial rock who might be tempted to pick this game up for the soundtrack tunes by Sevendust, Gravity Kills, and Fear Factory: Don't bother. There's a total of four tunes here (guess it matches the measly number of available tracks at the start of the game), and only one of them is worth a listen.
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System Requirements: 

System: Pentium III CPU 500 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Size: 51.81 MB
OS: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista,and 7

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