Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix

Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix, The theme of the sequel is germ warfare, as the mercenary Mullins and his new partner Madeline Taylor travel to Colombia to investigate a viral outbreak in a small town, only to link it to a shadowy organization called Prometheus.The virus, called Romulus, is followed by a computer virus called Remus which is programmed to delete files on any computer in the world, in this case, files relating to Prometheus and Romulus, so an anti-virus cannot be formulated.
Prometheus then plans to blackmail the G8 countries at a summit in Switzerland for billions of dollars. It is revealed throughout the course of the game that a mole inside The Shop may be feeding information to the terrorists.

 Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix-1

Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix-2

Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix-3

Soldier Of Fortune 2 System Requirements:

Ram: 128 Mb
Cpu:450 Mhz
Hard: 1.3 Gb
Video Memory: 16 Mb 3d

Installation Notes:

  1. Download All Parts.
  2. Extract Folder.
  3. Run TOED.EXE Or Setup.exe
  4. Then Wait Here..Play Game And Enjoy!

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