Nitro Racers
Nitro Racers is a racing simulation game 3DO, which was released recently in Europe only. Will be released in the U.S. later this year. This fast-paced game that puts you in control of the race cars as they fly through one of the 30 tracks. To play the game like off-road in the hallways, where he fought four trucks on dirt tracks. His vision of the path is fine from the top, where the entire path to fit on the screen, or in split-screen mode. It reminded me of racing cars radio controlled around the track in my living room can also play the game kid.The in two modes, arcade mode or hallways simulation.In, you're playing a simple game of runs and runs a certain number of roles, the first one in wins. In administrative mode, you should see fuel damage and will have to face once at least in all race.You earn money based on place finish in every race.
In between races, you can upgrade the capacity of his mechanics, and the quality of the tires, or engine power. You will have added features that get more difficult races and competition gets faster and farther you go. In both cases, you must be between the leaders of the biggest three points to move to the next track. Points are given for each player depends on where they finish in the race.


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