Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron
Galactic war are greater than ever in this campaign an epic battle on multiple fronts and huge levels deep original story set forth in the Star Wars universe. In combat scenarios of 16 players, players can fight on the ground and in space to start a war on foot, raped a way to battle on the ground or violently in space, landing craft and fight on capital starships. Affected by the battles waged on every front directly from the player's actions, creating a combat experience where every shot fired and every enemy defeated can affect the outcome of the battle on another front.
Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron player campaign includes one deep and wonderful that covers the entire Star Wars Saga - and beyond. Players assume the identity of X2, a clone trooper created from the DNA of a serious serious charge Master.Originally the judiciary through the system 66, X2 decides to leave his blood-stained past behind and joins the rebellion. X2 is not sensitive to the power of cloning only, however. X1, his clone brother, chooses a path much more sinister, which led to a confrontation that could determine the fate of both the Empire and rebellion.
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