Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a proprietary web development tool developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a solid Web development tool that includes a code editor, a visual design mode, sophisticated Cascading Style Sheet tools for creating, editing, and managing CSS, and site management features such as a built-in FTP client for transferring files from your computer to your Web server. In Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe adds tools to work with new CSS properties, to build mobile-ready Websites, and to take advantage of Adobe’s related services Business Catalyst, a commerical web hosting platform and PhoneGap Build, a cloud-based service for compiling apps for mobile platforms.

For most of the history of the Web, designers have been forced to resort to a handful of fonts—those already installed on the majority of computers worldwide. Because traditional Web typography relies on fonts already existing on a visitor’s computer, designers couldn’t simply select among the thousands of beautiful fonts available.
While Web fonts and CSS transitions are a good first step into CSS3, Dreamweaver doesn’t provide nearly the same support for other popular CSS3 properties like box-shadow, text-shadow, border-radius, and gradients. That’s not to say Dreamweaver doesn’t provide some tools for these, but that’s an area of confusion.



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